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Aircraft Cabin Air Conference Picture
Aircraft Cabin Air Conference Picture


There are a range of ways in which individuals or organisations can seek expert guidance on the topic of cabin air quality. These include expert consultancy services, adapted to suit the individual, expert or organisation or a number of self-help methods.

Dr. Susan Michaelis (PhD) is uniquely qualified to provide concise and high quality support regarding the various aspects of exposure to aircraft contaminated air. These involve the following areas:  Overview of contaminated air issue and global actions; occurrence and understanding of oil leakage and other fluids into  the aircraft air supply; applicable aviation/OHS regulations; hazardous substances and adverse effects associated with bleed air contamination; risk and hazard assessment; Aerotoxic Syndrome; fume events training and reporting requirements; available solutions; support for airlines; manufacturers; medical and legal experts; academics and scientists; unions; governments and regulators.

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Dr. Susan Michaelis is a former ATPL Pilot and Cranfield University trained qualified Air Accident Investigator. She has further expertise in the aircraft contaminated air topic, hazardous substances and occupational health and safety.

Dr. Michaelis is available to:

  •  Work with aviation and other transport investigation bureaus on specific investigations.  

  •  Provide incident and accident support enabling your organisation to follow the investigation process.

  • Provide incident/accident representation and support to aircrew.

As the global expert on the aircraft contaminated air subject, Dr. Michaelis is uniquely positioned to assist investigations of potentially relevant incidents/accidents. Support can be offered in 2 differing ways:

  • Advisor / Technical Expert to an ICAO based accredited representative (ICAO Annex 13, sect. 5.24)

  • Support your organisation investigating a potential CAQ event.

The benefit of having a trained Pilot and Air Accident Investigator to assist organisations in following through and explaining the investigative process is invaluable.

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Hazardous Substances

Dr. Susan Michaelis can assist your organisation to understand and undertake:​

  • Health and safety directives and legislation in your region/country

  • Hazardous substances/COSHH risk assessments

  • What hazardous substances are your workers exposed to; Understanding: GHS, REACH & CLP

  • Does your MSDS, SDS meet the requirements?

  • Risk assessments

  • Hazard/risk assessments: Cabin air contamination

SMS Safety Case

A unique opportunity is available for airline management to work with Dr. Susan Michaelis and global aviation hazards expert, Cliff Edwards, to develop a safety case based upon oil fumes in the cabin. The bow tie technique will be used to demonstrate mitigation of risks associated with oil fumes in the cabin. Further information can be found here.

ICAO based fume events training

Dr. Susan Michaelis and her team are uniquely qualified to undertake training outlined in the ICAO “Cir 344-AN/202 Guidelines on Education, Training and Reporting practices Related to Fume events”. Course can be tailored as required for aircrew, maintenance personnel, management and regulators. Further information can be found here.

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Dr. Susan Michaelis’s expertise and knowledge on the aircraft contaminated air issue is second to none. Her in-depth knowledge of almost every aspect will assist your case. Do not make the mistakes others have made and take on a case unprepared and unaware of the key issues and supporting evidence. The evidence is clearly available and is essential knowledge for anyone involved in contaminated air cases.

Dr. Michaelis’s background as a commercial pilot, PhD and MSc qualifications on the contaminated air topic and related expertise, along with her in-depth knowledge of all the key parties and their role, make her unique in this field.

As identified by the 'Lawsuits', ensure you are undertaking a ‘winnable’ case by being prepared.

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Susan is in a unique position to deliver an informative content driven global approach to an activity which touches almost all of us, combined with her inspirational personal story of overcoming adversity. We all take air travel and safe arrival at our destination for granted. However Susan’s work of more than two decades unravelling of one of the airline industry’s most ignored issues will capture your attention and is a message you need to hear before you next fly.

Susan’s message is unique and one that corporate managers, safety professionals through to the travelling public will be left thinking about.

Presentation topics:

  1. Susan’s journey: Pilot to global expert

  2. Aircraft contaminated air: You can make a difference

  3. Corporate regulation?

  4. History repeats itself

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