Why Susan?

Susan is in a unique position to deliver an informative content driven global approach to an activity which touches almost all of us, combined with her inspirational personal story of overcoming adversity. We all take air travel and safe arrival at our destination for granted. However Susan’s two decades unravelling of one of the airline industry’s most ignored issues will capture your attention and is a message you need to hear before you next fly.

Susan’s message is unique and one that corporate managers, safety professionals through to the travelling public will be left thinking about.

Presentation topics:

A. Susan’s journey: Pilot to global expert

Susan took to the skies in Australia as one of the few female commercial pilots in the mid 1980s, not knowing her career would last only 11 years. Seeking academic help to understand the large number of documents of a hidden decades old issue, that robbed her of her health, little did she know that 13 years later she would receive a PhD on her detailed and leading research. Susan has turned adversity into an inspiring two-decade study ensuring the world becomes aware of what was common sense in the 1950s – a flawed aircraft design that should never have been and soon will be condemned to history.

B. Aircraft contaminated air: You can make a difference

Susan is uniquely qualified to explain the little understood issue of aircraft contaminated air supplies – air fed directly off the engine for crew and passengers to breathe – unfiltered. It is Susan who can simplify this topic and explain the various issues involved simply and the sectors of industry and the community who need to understand what has remained unaddressed for six decades. If you fly, you need to be informed. You must speak up as your safety cannot be compromised. No matter what, you can ensure that in your daily life, it is never too late to make change happen.

C. Corporate regulation?

Surely the regulator will look after us, or will they? Some call it self-regulation or regulation run by industry. While flying is overall exceptionally safe, learn about its Achilles’ heel that the regulator has failed to regulate. Are the stakes too great and is it time for change? Real safety cannot be forgotten or denied. It must happen at all levels every day.

D. History repeats itself

Have we seen a forgotten and long denied issue that has implications for all of our health and our safety: some suggest yes, lead, tobacco, asbestos, thalidomide. The documentation and knowledge is there, but no one wants to know – surely time is up to not dig the hole deeper. Learn about the extraordinary parallels and help say enough and breathe clean air when you next fly.

Susan on safety

Susan’s 2 decades of experience addressing the aircraft contaminated air issue has placed safety squarely on the table. The process of drawing unfiltered air directly off jet engine compressors to supply the aircraft cabin breathing air required to sustain life, may have made sense many decades ago. However the downfalls soon became apparent and a decision had to be made. The decision at the time was to continue utilising this design and system. This has continued almost unabated to date. The question is can safety be explained in 1000 obfuscating ways, or should the following be enacted now:

  • Assess: Recognise the problem & various issues
  • Control: Commit to enact change at all levels
  • Train: Develop a plan and put actions and training into place
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