Why Susan

Dr. Susan Michaelis is a former ATPL pilot and Cranfield University trained qualified air accident investigator. She has further expertise in the aircraft contaminated air topic, hazardous substances and occupational health and safety. Susan can assist air accident investigation bureaus, airline, manufacturer safety departments, unions or individuals.

Incident/accident investigation

Dr. Susan Michaelis, a trained air accident investigator and former ATPL pilot is available to work with aviation and other transport investigation bureaus on specific investigations. The benefit of having additional expertise to assist your organisation and its investigations is evident.

Incident/accident support

The benefit of having a trained pilot and air accident investigator to assist your organisation follow through and explain the investigative process is invaluable.

Incident/accident representation

In the case of an accident, serious incident or incident, there may be a lot of requests for information and demands from all directions. Dr. Michaelis can offer support to help aircrew understand their obligations and simplify communications and pressures.

Cabin air quality incident investigation

As the global expert on the aircraft contaminated air subject, Dr. Michaelis is uniquely positioned to assist investigations of potentially relevant incidents. Support can be offered in 2 differing ways:

  • Advisor / technical expert to an ICAO based accredited representative ( ICAO Annex 13, sect. 5.24)
  • Support your organisation investigating a potential CAQ event.

  • For more information, contact Susan